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    Some VPS questions

    I think after looking the last few days I am completly lost. So I'm hoping someone will help me so that I can make the right decision.

    I have shared hosting with Dreamhost right now and for my personal website I couldnt be happier. However I want to start a new project and honestly I dont think shared hosting will work or if it will not for long.

    The new project is going be an image gallery site (users will NOT be submitting images) half of it will be adult in nature, the other half just won't be very safe for work. I don't know my bandwidth needs as I dont know how many hits I'll be getting, this project can just fall flat on its face. Starting out I'd say I'd probably be looking at about 1-2 GB and growing from there. I also intend to have a vbulletin forum for members to post at.

    Now here are my questions

    1. Am I correct in that a VPS will fit my needs?

    2. What would be the average price for something that may work? I'm looking at approx $20 (probably no chance) to $40. Ideally I'm thinking $30 to start and if the project soars then I can upgrade when needed.

    3. I know there is no consenus on best provider, but I've been looking at Startlogic and JaguarPC. I'm not sure on Startlogic's position on adult material so this may become mute but which one would probably fit my needs better?

    4. Is there anything that I should really keep an eye out when comparing vps' that may benefit or hurt me in this type of project?

    5. Any other relevant information I should look at?

    In the end I know it's my decision to go with VPS and I know if this project does take off it may even outgrow a vps and need to go dedicated. After looking at both Jaguarpc and Startlogic they both have excellent starter packages with a small edge going to Startlogic just cause they have a bit more bandwidth at a lower price, but I know that doesnt mean better.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any information anyone can provide

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    1. Yes, a VPS will suit your needs just fine. Start off small, just like your project, and then upgrade as you need more resources. 128mb-256mb RAM should be good to start off with.

    2. Under $20 to start out.

    3. Can't comment on either company.

    4 & 5. Consider a managed solution. For an image gallery site: php optimization, eAccelerator, or similiar caching tools to help keep the load down. Also, make sure that the host allows adult content (JaguarPC and Startlogic do not accept this from what I can see on their sites).

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    Thank you for the answers. I dont think startlogic allows adult content, Jaguar does but only on VPS or dedicated which makes sense since it'd harm a shared enviroment.

    I also want to thank you for recommending those tools, I probably would never have considered it. As I said I am a noobie when it comes to all this so the more I learn the better

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    I have tried to answer your questions below:

    1) Yes, a VPS would do the job as a starter.

    2) Depending on how much disk space, how much bandwidth and if you needed a control panel, you could find VPS for less than US$20/month. Please also check for ddos protection if you actually need it.

    3) To tell you the truth I have never worked with them, so I cannot tell you if they're really good. I have worked with Staminus, AWK and FDCServers, all three of them are wonderful depending on your needs. Staminus and AWK are great ddos protected companies, Staminus is a bit more expensive but has guaranteed bandwidth, AWK is a bit less expensive, but offers more bandwidth although its connectivity is not as good as staminus's. FDCServers has great connectivity, great bandwidth, low prices, but offers no ddos protection.

    4) You would have to check on management options, cpu share, memory share, bandwidth (if you need unmetered or not), link, etc.

    5) I would consider getting ddos protection for adult stuff, since there are a lot of "kids" checking it...

    I hope this helps, and I suggest you to look at VPS Offers in this forum, there are a lot of companies offering VPS.


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