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    Move full apache/php install to another server

    Is there a way to tar a compiled apache/php installation and move it to another identical server?

    If on the first server I specify all the configure options for both apache and php to point to /usr/local/apache2 for example, and then tar apache2 dir and untar it on another server will everything work just like it should? Or do I need to compile apache/php from scratch on the second server.

    It would be nice to just be able push the apache/php tar file on to the new provisioned server and be ready to go.

    Has anyone done this before, what is the best way to do this and are there any issues to look for.


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    compile from scratch is your best bet, although if you are worried about your configurations that you have spent time on customizing, then save, and replace (saving old ones from fresh compile) with your previous servers files. Such as httpd.conf and php.ini and any other relevant ones.

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    there could be conflicts as well when u try to replcate the apache on the new server as there could be system related things that might stop apache from starting. i certainly agree with netka on the configuration files, but dont think it would work out 100 %

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    I forgot to add that the new servers hardware / os configuration is identical except for maybe difference in ram since its installed using the same kickstart cd.

    I want to know if I can make sure that I grab all the files produced by php/apache compile/install processes into a tar file and untar it on a newly provisioned server instead of starting the compile/install process all over.

    Is there a better a way to accomplish this, besides for doing the same apache/php install on all the servers or imaging the server.

    Seems like if you install both apache and php in one dir and make sure all the configure options for both point to the same root dir the tar archive should contain all the needed files. Any ideas or experiences?

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