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    how necessary is new accounts confirmation?

    My website recently received a lot of registered users, however, I think some of them may use fake/invalid email addresses in their registration, because some emails are like [email protected] or whatever similar.

    Right now, the number of registered users I have is about 500. The reason why I didn't force account verification (or say confirmation) is that I am afraid many people don't want to bother registering/verifying accounts on my site. However, before I enable account verification for new registration, I'd like to hear opinions from you guys.

    Do you think account verification is really necessary? If yes, you don't think you'll probably have less registered users than not requiring account verification? - FFMPEG, PHP & RoR Hosting - R/C videos sharing

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    it takes virtually no time at all for people to confirm especially if they are using outlook, for me its become something to expect, doesnt make me not want to register

    but you most likely will get issues with spam at some point

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