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    What happened to 9NetAve?

    Does anybody know?

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    Odd, but I was doing a bit of research the other day on a domain I got (expired), and it seems like it was a spanish version of the 9netave/concentric site at one time, and was a registered nameserver NS1.9NA.COM

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    9NetAve was bought by Concentric which has evolved into XO Communications. However, they still use some of the old 9NetAve servers from a facility in New Jersey.


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    Here's some more... (all AFAIK)

    9netave Canada ( split from 9netave USA after the Concentric buy-out. They renamed themselves as and and continued to use the old logo. They also have 9netweb and 9netave Italy ( and both of which are still active and offering about the same plans they were offering when they were

    So to sum up: is on first, is on second, both are on whois


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