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Thread: Exim From Field

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    Exim From Field

    Okay, I have a form on my web site that users can fill out to contact me. I just noticed that the e-mails I receive from this form do not have the headers I want. Here is an example:

    User return e-mail address is [email protected] I want the from field to be [email protected]. However, I get:

    From: [email protected]
    Reply-To: [email protected]

    Is there any way I can change that behavior?

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    You cannot change the "From" address from [email protected] to [email protected] . Instead, you can modify it by giving an alias to the email address. For example, if you give the following code

    $from_header = "[email protected]"

    The recipient will see "[email protected]" as the sender address, but the email headers will show that the email is coming from [email protected]

    If you have phpsuexec enabled, you can change the [email protected] to

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