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    Wink Sent money: Paypal to 2co? Its possible?

    Paypal canīt make wire transfer to my bank account, 2CO does.

    Can I transfer money of Paypal to a 2CO account? I dont care if 2CO or another service charges me.

    What is your opinion?

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    Hey, I found an answer: KAGI. They accept PAYPAL transfers.

    Take a look:

    How about this? KAGI is a good service?

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    I've never seen that before.

    I would say try to find somebody trustworthy you can make the conversion with. Perhaps in the marketplace here?

    In the long term, try to convert your customers into 2co.

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    Thanks, Engine.

    I can start the website directly w/ 2CO. I donīt need to convert the clients because my website is not online yet, but I would like to offer Paypal too as an option.

    Which other companies accept Paypal and can make this convertion?

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    If you have a Paypal debit card, simply create yourself an invoice via 2CO for however much you want to transfer and pay the invoice with your Paypal debit card.

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    I didnīt found anything about Paypal debit card on the site. You have the link, please? What I need to have this Paypal Debit Card?

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    If the Paypal debit card is this:

    Look what they said:

    "This is a U.S. Premier and Business Account feature."

    So, its not for me.

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    Im tempted to go w/ KAGI and PAYPAL.

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