If you are looking for the lowest price and desire to be impressed by lightning quick support responses that include nothing more than a robotic response from an outsourced support technician, then we're not the company for you. We're not going to raise the price on you and we're not going to cheat you out of services that you have been promised. In fact, we don't have 3-4 other branches of hosting companies spread out all across the internet and we're not planning on opening any.

We do, however, offer something that few other hosts can boast. We will install your choice of Open Source PHP Script for no additional charge upon request. This is part of our OS SOAR package with every shared plan. While many companies like to offer automatic installation through control panels - and we have that too - we boast this very specialized service to help you make sure it's done right. We'll even upgrade most systems free of charge as well! We also have the ability to customize these scripts for a very affordable fee. This is the perfect platform to develop domains on without a doubt.

You can check us out at:

Without further adieu, here is our lineup of no-nonsense plans geared for you:

Shared Hosting Plans

Economy Shared
250 MB Space
10 GB Transfer

Basic Shared
500 MB Space
25 GB Transfer

Advanced Shared
1000 MB Space
50 GB Transfer

Professional Shared
2000 MB Space
100 GB Transfer

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We offer a choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin for all shared accounts.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Economy Reseller
2000 MB Space
40 GB Transfer

Basic Reseller
4000 MB Space
80 GB Transfer

Professional Reseller
6000 MB Space
120 GB Transfer

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All reseller plans include DirectAdmin which has its own built-in ticket system.

VPS Hosting Plans

Economy VPS
10 GB Space
150 GB Transfer
128 MB RAM (Guaranteed)
512 MB Burstable
*No CP with this plan.

Basic VPS
15 GB Space
225 GB Transfer
256 MB RAM (Guaranteed)
512 MB Burstable

Advanced VPS
25 GB Space
375 GB Transfer
512 MB RAM (Guaranteed)
1 GB Burstable

Professional VPS
50 GB Space
500 GB Transfer
512 MB RAM (Guaranteed)
Fully Burstable

Check out more information on our plans and order now!
All VPS's include Virtuozzo Power Panel and DirectAdmin. All plans come with three free IPs and additional IPs are just $2.95/month for each. We also offer unlimited management hours for $34.95/month.

All of this is bolstered by our line of video tutorials for both cPanel and DirectAdmin.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact us to find out more. You can reach me personally and know that you will always have a human touch on support at Higher Purposes. We know what it feels like to be another number in the world and we do not want you to feel that way.

Thanks for your time!

Warmest Regards,