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    What is

    Darkvisions is a MMORPG. It takes place in the medieval times, where you can buy armor, weapons, draft army units for you to command, and much more. You can fight various creatures that you may run across throughout your travels, and you can join forces with other commanders in clans.

    This script and website are unique and will only be sold once! If you purchase this you will be the owner of a totally unique website and script. Coded by us.

    What do you receive?
    Template, scripts, domain, everything you see on

    Take a look at the site at

    The price to becoem the owner of this unique website: $600,00
    If you are interested, post here and e-mail me at [email protected]

    Screenshots you may want to take a look at:

    This is what you see when you first log on, you can navigate to different
    areas to attack monsters, or go to the town to buy supplies

    When in a clan you are able to donate to your clanmates, and support them
    in their time of need.

    This is the screen you see when you go to equip something, equiping
    different weapons will change your Strength accordingly

    This is the screen you see when attacking, attacking takes into account
    all the different races, and allows you to use items and cast spells, and
    you can run away if you are low on health

    here you can see various different ranks, such as level, gold, army, and
    completed quests

    Here you can buy weapons, armor, or items. There are different stores
    with different items in each town.

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    Interested, have a couple of questions:
    1- What kind of support would you offer for the buyer? in terms of transfeing the site and in terms of coding support if any bugs problems occured?
    2- How easy/hard it is to change the layout?


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    1- We offer full support. We will fix bugs, any bug that occurs in the scripts we programmed, will be fixed if reported by you. Should you ever code for the game, we will not offer bug fix support for your code. We transfer, install and help you to manage the game world.
    2- It is very easy to change the layout if you have programming skills. We are willing to make a new front page layout (so not the layout of the in-game pages) for you for just $50. otherwise, we might be able to help you in making your own layout.

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    Due to low amount of interest, the price is lowered by $50. New price: $550,-

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    Price now is $300. If there is still no interest, we will continue with the website ourselfs. Last chance.

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