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    themooseisloose and nexussix

    For anyone who lost his or her money when themooseisloose disappeared without a trace( the following may be interesting:
    Themooseisloose had a separate supportsite: This site also went under. But lo and behold, it is there again and sells uptime montoring services. Acoording to the Whois, the owner is Robert Spain from San Francisco. This Robert has the same phonenumber as the erstwhile
    Another interesting thing is of course that the mooseisloose was run by Allis and Robert (aka Smakdaddy).
    So I'm very happy for Robert that he has found a new way to earn money. I am also happy that I, by being unable to get my money back from his previous enterprise, I have helped him to start anew without any debts.
    I may be wrong of course. There is still the possibility that he bought both the domainname AND the phonenumber from the previous owners. Maybe all Roberts know all other Roberts; nothing is impossible.
    Congratulations Robert!

    Edit: Later I found out that there is s new hostingprovider: In the Whois the emailaddress for is given as [email protected] The whois for webhostingsynergy is privatized, so the owner cannot be traced. That's understandable.
    The website of is well laid out. Somehow it reminds me of the website of themooseisloose.
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    Interesting. Yeah, they still owed me like 6 months of service when they went away.

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    The whois on the other 2 domains hosted on that server may be of interest to you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by foobic
    The whois on the other 2 domains hosted on that server may be of interest to you...
    Interesting indeed! Both domains are owned by Allis Antler, also known to the old mooseisloose gang as The Rose. So Robert and Allis are together in business again.

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