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    Question Expected Prices

    Basically I need an estimation on what to expext to pay for reliable webhost (I'll decribe it below). Right now I'm not looking for names just the current price ranges for these specs although feel free to suggest a reliable host.

    I don't have all the details but I'm just want to know to expect, I'll come back later more concrete info and looking for a host.

    Disk space: 1gb - 5gb
    Bandwidth: 5gb-50gb (not really sure here, the site will contain product pictures, have a search feature and should have a fair amount of traffic any suggestion would be appreciateted)
    email (will not be selling or offering free emails)
    A good CP

    Also, I'm not sure what standard components most web host have (beside for sending emails and form use) but I would like it to have one for image manipulation.

    That's it I think.

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    I'd probably say over $15/month as your bandwidth requirements are rather high. Also, this type of budget should find you a reliable host that can handle your website now and in the future when it grows.

    Most hosts offer unlimited databases, and email addresses. PHP is pretty much standard, along with control panels.

    Can you elaborate a bit on "image manipulation"?

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    I disagree, his range of bandwidth was 5gb-50gb so anything inbetween would be suitable for him. I would think a good budget for this type of hosting would be around 10$ a month.
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    I didn't see 'budget' mentioned in the request - but 'reliable'... These don't always go hand-in-hand! If uptime and reliability is crucial then be prepared to spend the few extra bucks to get this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PE-Steve
    Can you elaborate a bit on "image manipulation"?
    I want to be able resize images and create image galleries and such, automatically with PHP. I believe I need a component for this that some servers may or may not have. I would prefer that it has one since installing one may not be an option for the type of plan I may get.

    Although I would like to keep prices down, this is a business site so I want a reliable host even if it costs extra.

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    Hopefully you will have the time to do as much research as possible on any potential host you may be thinking of.
    Your choices are going to be overwhelming! Most all hosts offer a control panel included with their plans.
    I think where you will run into the most confusion will be the disk space to bandwidth ratios.
    Keep in mind here at the wht you will see bottom of the barrel pricing (overselling to the extreme) and one suggestion may be to look for a higher priced host and then next suggestion will be "you can get that cheaper" so its a never ending cycle.
    Without even mentioning price at all, I highly doubt you will need that LARGE of plan. Average websites use about 100MB space and under 5gb BW per month!
    There are exceptions of course. Most hosts will allow you to upgrade into another plan SHOULD you need to. Its also VERY easy to track your resources daily so you can actually SEE what you are using and whats left.
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    Checkout the offers section of the forums and see what you find. When you find a few hosts that look like they are going to fit your needs, then search the WHT forums and find reviews for each of them. That will help you decide which host will be best for you.

    As for a price, you could find somthing as cheap as 2 bucks or you could pay as much as 50 bucks, depending on the level of service you are looking for.


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    $10 - $30 per month would be a good range. You can find things cheaper, and they are probably just as reliable - but the lower you go in price, the higher the risk you are taking that the hosting company may not last.
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    Dan raises a good point, You can find cheaper than $10, but the chances of picking a non reliable host is much higher.

    $10 and up would be a safe range. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    Sounds like you will need a host with the GD2 libraries for manipulating images.

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