Basically, im wanting to put together a team of coders, web designers etc. - Kind of like an all-in-one for clients.
at very minimum i need a web designer.

heres how i think it would work:
client puts a request in on the site, and we split it up into tasks for each person.
working as a team this would mean that the project is completed faster. They would only have to come to the one place. Im also thinking of offering hosting later on.

This has the potential to make a lot of money, and build up a portfolio for you.

So heres a list of people required:
Web Designer
PHP Developer
Javascript developer
CGI Developer

This will only work if we can communicate properly, and help eachother out.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, this is just a rough idea at the moment.
reply here, or throw me a pm if your interested, and ill organise a chat between everyone.