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    Arrow Looking for hosting..suggestions???

    I'm currently in the process of looking for a web host, and unfortunately have yet to find one Any suggestions to a good place?

    Plus, I was wondering if anyone has heard of or used Thanks!!

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    Have you tried posting your requirements in the request forum? There are lots of web hosts there waiting to copy/paste their plans for you.

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    if you list your specific requirements i am sure we will all be able to give you some feedback on who to go with. you could even list the providers youa re deciding between and we could give you some personal experiences... etc ...

    let us know
    Nathan M.
    A decade of professional hosting !

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    I went with and have been quite impressed with the level of personal communication and responsiveness so far. Loai, the main man, is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. If you send him an email at the site, I'm sure he'd get back quickly. I searched and communicated with a tOn of hosts over several weeks, and I really feel good about my decision. Only time will tell...

    There's too many to decide from, as I'm sure you discovered if you posted a request. Getting good features for the price isn't hard, but finding a reliable, quality host you feel good about and can count on isn't as easy.

    From my searches and personal experiences during the presales stage, I'd recommend you check out these sites... (no mp3s)

    And when you do find a host you're interested in, do a search on them here in the WHT forum. See what the overall response is. And look at some of the posts from the people who work there to see how they interact with the community and their clients.

    Good luck

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