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    Now Hiring Tech Support

    We are looking for sales, billing, and technical support all rolled into one position.

    We are looking for techs to answer support tickets, chat live, and do phone work mostly related to
    cPanel-based servers.

    You MUST have these qualities:
    -Able to communicate effectively with both the client and our management
    -Respond to all tickets in prompt manner.
    -Must have good knowledge in troubleshooting Level 1-2 issues.
    -Must be able to handle billing support as well
    -Must be able to speak and write English as a native language
    -Must be trainable on new software
    -Must be a dedicated, team player!
    -Must have knowledge of the internet, hosting, and the major hosting control panels.

    Please email us your support ticket rate, or wage desired, resume, and
    contact information (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, email, phone, etc.)

    Send your email to jobs at rescuess dot net and we will get back to you as
    soon as possible.

    Best regards, and good luck!

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    Still in search?


    Please check PM Sent

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    Please check email address

    Lol , am sorry niether your PM works not the email address you have specified.Please check your email address again.

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    Fleet Street

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    Yea, I sent my resume there, figured it was an spelling mistake
    Josh Dargie
    Developer & Designer Friendly Web Hosting

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    i have submitted my resume as well hope to get a good response from you

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    I have send you an email with my rates but it bounced . Is the email provided correct .


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    We've sent you an email.

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    Whats the name mentioned in the email and the company name?


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    Thank you "nocebo" finally we got their correct email address now the question is whether they will read or not lol.Anyways we have kept our fingure crossed

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