Introducing the new and innovative ROLLBACK backups! Backups are now taken several times a day and kept for 1 month. Accidentally erased something? We can restore it quickly to any previous version, up to a month old! We take your data VERY seriously.

We are the only provider who will host your main hosting website on a completely different server than those of your clients, for FREE! Never be out of touch with your clients ever again.

Who else will offer 99.95% uptime, with the very simple SLA of : If the server you're on is down for more than 24 minutes a month, the month is free.

Webkore has been offering premium hosting since 2002. We believe you should be able to take advantage of our industry-leading support group and our experience in hosting websites. By being our partner in the hosting industry, you'll be with a company that will help you grow.

Basic details :

:: Disk Storage: 500MB
:: Monthly Transfer: 15GB
:: Domains: 35
:: Private Label nameservers (,
:: Overselling allowed
:: Fully managed services (we will take care of installing SSL certs, Assigning IP addresses, etc...)
:: Free backups (Rollback hourly offsite backups)
:: Off-server main website

:: Latest release versions of cPanel/WHM
:: cPanel PRO
:: Fantastico
:: Ruby on Rails
:: PHP4 4.4.4 and PHP5 5.1.6
:: RVSkins and RVSitebuilder
:: Integrated helpdesk
:: Many addons, such as Billing systems available!

:: Plans start at only $4.99 per month
:: End user reseller plans, Semi-Dedicated and VDS plans also available.

:: Paypal (We are Paypal Verified)
:: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, prepaid credit cards)

:: Trouble Ticket support system (24/7) . Staff onsite 24 hours a day. To view our average response time (updated every 15 minutes)
:: Live chat (in testing phase)

:: 14 day money back guarantee
:: 30 minute or less response times (or your month is free)
:: 99.95% Uptime (or your next month is free)

:: Full service hosting provider.
:: Affiliate program. Earn money for selling hosting services
:: Referral program : Get free months everytime you sign someone up. Make the cost of hosting much cheaper

:: All servers are top of the line dual processor AMD Opteron 248's. . SataII hard drives in a Raid10 array. Your sites and control panels will never again load slowly.
:: Have your websites hosted at Colo4Dallas. With bandwidth providers Level3 and InterNAP, enjoy fast and robust connections around the globe.

:: has been in the hosting industry for 5 years.
:: Webkore Internet Services is a premium hosting company
:: is based in Montreal, Canada
:: Now hosting over 15,000 domains

If you have any questions, just contact our sales department (live chat or by email) and we'll be glad to answer them