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    Text-link purchases request

    Hey guys,

    We're looking to purchase text links on sites that are computer related (more so gaming-related where possible) -- PM me with your offers. Looking to purchase 300-500-- so if you can spare some space, PM me.

    Sites must be at least PR 3 or higher -- but PR 4-5 are more in our target zone.

    Cannot be sites that concentrate around a forum either -- Thank you.

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    Interested in arcade site links?

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    Hi guarnibl,

    I have a PR5 sports related BLOG (hockey specifically). Might this fit in to your criteria?

    Maximum of 10 links for sale.

    $50 - 1 year
    $30 - 6 months

    PM me if you want full details and URL (sorry, new member, so I cannot send PM's yet).


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