We have a number of well connected servers with rack space and dedicated commits. To date we've only hosted our own large sites and have never advertised. We're considering getting into the shared server / virtual dedicated server business, but we're new to the needs of people who are looking to install and admin their own systems.

What we're looking for are people who want a virtual dedicated server for serious hosting who would be willing to try our service for a bargain. You should:

1) be serious about hosting, not just looking to play
2) have references - we do not want people who bounce around from provider to provider or who are abusive or negligent
3) be able to completely manage your choice of OS once it's installed
4) be willing to give us feedback

If you like the idea of having a virtual dedicated server on top quality hardware in a top notch datacenter on an excellent network with hundreds of megabits of upstream, then contact us. Tell us a little about yourself and your needs, and we'll happily provide references, information about our network, RAID, hardware, OS, and so on.

If we decide to try you out, you'll get your first month completely free and we'll negotiate a very competitive price should you decide to keep it thereafter. We can handle any amount of traffic and could be perfect for people looking to host in the 10 to 100 TB / month range. We also offer ancillary and complimentary services such as DNS, backup MX, off-site backup, IPv6, and others.

Contact me at john at klos dot com. (Note - this hosting has nothing to do with Klos Technologies; I'm just part of the family.)