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(your pricing will stay locked in as long as your account remains in good standing, i.e. you renew at the end of the year and didn't break the terms of service or changed to a new plan)

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cPanel Bronze
200MB diskspace
4000MB monthly bandwidth
10 Subdomains
10 FTP
10 MySQL
10 Emails
70+ autoinstall scripts available!
basic support only

9.99 USD / year

cPanel Silver
350MB diskspace
7500MB monthly bandwidth
15 Subdomains
15 FTP
15 MySQL
15 Emails
70+ autoinstall scripts available!
basic support only

24.99 USD / year

cPanel Gold
500MB diskspace
15000MB monthly bandwidth
20 Subdomains
20 FTP
20 MySQL
20 Emails
70+ autoinstall scripts available!
basic support only

49.99 USD / year

Add Soholaunch Pro to any of our plans for 9.99 USD / year!

pre-sales Q&A

Question: What is basic support?
Answer: We'll get the server back up if it goes down and will resolve all server-side issues, but otherwise, you're on your own. This is ideal for developers and people with a decent amount of experience in hosting. We do not offer script debugging or site development.

Question: Do you offer custom plans?
Answer: Nope. We also don't offer reseller or dedicated hosting.

Question: Do you offer domain registration?
Answer: Yes. We can register a domain for you for $9.95 per year per domain.

Question: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Answer: Our sales department would be a great place to start (email sales[at]

Question: Can I transfer the Soholaunch pro software
Answer: No, the Soholaunch software is tied to your account and cannot be transferred.

Question: Can I trial the Soholaunch product or your hosting?
Answer: Should you not be satisfied with the hosting, then we will refund the full amount IF and ONLY IF you cancel within the first 3 days by contacting our billing department. Domain name registrations and Soholaunch add-ons are non refundable.