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    Looking for management on my server

    I am full of question and hopefully some of you will not get fed up with all my questions.

    I am looking at building my own server or purchasing one. I am trying to save the cost of using a dedicated server like I have been doing because in the long run they are too expensive and costly.

    The problem is that I would like to find someone to manage my server that I will own. Are there any companies out there with good reputations that will manage a server for me at a reasonable cost?

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    Define what manage your server means to you? software updates? monitoring your hardware? server hardening? There are many different companies out there. Post your requirements and that will help.

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    Sure I probably should have explained that before sorry.

    I have been running a web site on a dedicated server for four years not. I know how to use the Cpanel and WHM if that is what I decided to stick with.

    What I want in means of a managed server is someone or someplace that will keep my PHP, Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and update the kernel and any other software that is needed as update and security issues come out. Also I would like to have them monitor the server for any dos attaches and do reboots as requited.

    I can take care of the software and web site that I put on the server. I jest need someone to manage the keep all the Operating system software up to date.

    I think that should cover it. If you would like to know more or have any more queestion. please feel free to ask.

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    search around the thread available in WHT and you will find plenty of them available that will suit to your needs.
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    There's a few places out east (NY, NJ, etc) that will do "managed colocation" Do a search for it, it should come up with some answers for you.
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    Yes, there'll be plenty of companies with good reputation and reasonable cost that offer you an outsourcing service. You just need to search them over the WHT threads.
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    It depends on what you're currently paying for an unmanaged dedicated server solution. I would suggest finding a cheap "Managed" dedicated provider. We offer managed dedicated Cpanel servers for as low as:

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    Quote Originally Posted by theunknown
    It depends on what you're currently paying for an unmanaged dedicated server solution. I would suggest finding a cheap "Managed" dedicated provider. We offer managed dedicated Cpanel servers for as low as:
    Thanks for the offer, but I am going colo and getting my own server. This deidicated is not for me. I am on a dedicated server now. It leaves you limited to what the provider offers. Sure you can add more memory, but that is sometimes limited and it is going to cost more. In the long run colo is a lot cheaper if your going to keep your web site for a long time.

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    Well there are quite a many companies out there that provide monthly managed services as well as some who provide on-demand as needed services. A few that come to mind:, and, keep in mind these are just some that come to mind (haven't had a need to outsource server management myself).

    Wish you the best of luck in finding a responsible server admin/management service.
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    u need it in windows or linux .... ?
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    I am looking at running CentOS so that would be Linux.

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