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    Question Form Coding for E-Commerce Site

    Hi. I am unsure if this is in the correct section as it suits 2 requirements coding and E-Commerce, anyway here is what I am looking for:

    I am looking for a 2 page form which allows the user to select their plan, the board type and submits it to a database or text file database were on the next page it gets retrieved and the info they chose gets displayed along with the total however they get a choice of additional items, once this is done it goes to a terms page were they read the terms page and the entire information is sent to me in a email.

    The selection procedure is important because I want it like how dell use to have it were additional items can be added or removed if the user decides on that.

    I have done the small part of it here:
    and I plan on putting it into a flat file database but am so stuck on the selection procedure coding.

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