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    Media Temple GPU stats

    I help run a site and we are thinking about moving the site to Media Temple on a gs. I'd like to get some GPU stats before we move though, since it seems to be a little confusing. I was hoping I could get some stats here, I googled around and couldn't find anything. I'd like to get the following from anyone on a gs to compare site usage and GPU's used.:

    GPU's consumed:
    Unique Visitors:
    Bandwidth used:
    Page views:

    (based on a one month usage)


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    Make sure before you decide anything you do a good search for Media Temple and Grid Server here at WHT. I have no personal experience, but there seem to be problems with their SQL setup.
    hi there!

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    This is probably the most acurate answer one can give so far regarding their GPUs:
    Each (gs) Grid-Server service plan is given 1000 GPUs monthly, which is equivalent to continuously using 10% of a processor core for one month. This breaks down to 1.4 GPUs per hour.

    If you know the hardware they use, you might be able to derive (theoretically) the numbers for your site.

    GPU's consumed:
    Unique Visitors:
    Bandwidth used:
    Page views:
    These will vary a lot with the type of website/specific application that each customer is using.

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    This is not my site (since i moved it from mt)...
    Its a a not so busy site (running grid lite..) that im webmaster of.

    This is the stats for januari so far.....
    The unique / page views is from mint statistics at the domain, so therers some hits exckluded in these stats (robots etc..) Also.. every single file isn't monitored (like mp3s, images etc..).

    GPU's consumed: 2
    Unique Visitors: 915
    Bandwidth used: 3715.97 MB
    Page views: 3,798

    Conclusion is, GPU is something you shouldn't worry about if you arent to start a new ebay or something. Just keep an eye on the stats every now and then to be secure. I heard like 6 clients had reached the gpu limits.

    I'd be more nervous over the downtime and the mysql issues. However, last week have been running smooth. So i almost regret moving my sites from them.... but. I probably forgot how painful these longlasting mysql errors were.

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    Thanks snigel1! If anyone else has some stats they would share that would be great.

    I have been reading about the mysql issues and since we use a bit of it I'm keeping an eye on it. I'm hoping they are just growing pains from a new system, but I guess we'll see.

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