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    Suitable hw for small hosting company?

    We're running a small hosting operation (approx 2000 cust) and we've started to look at getting some kind of hardware front end that would enable server fail-over/redundancy, maybe also with multiple (non-BGP) internet connections.

    I guess Radware is out of our price range, so does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    Hi! Welcome to WHT! I can't help you with this, as I don't personally know. However, you'd get a better response in one of the forum sections devoted to those who run Web hosts. I would suggest opening a ticket with the WHT admins so you can have your thread moved - you'll get a better response that way.

    Here's the link:
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    It would help to know how many servers (approx) you want to cover and how many internet feeds (and speeds) you want to install.
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    Depending on the number of domains each customer has, and the quality of service you want to give them, You can handle between 100 and 1500 domains on a dual opteron server.

    Based on the way the question is phrased, I assume you are moving from something like a reseller plan. In this case, I would start with 2 solid servers for the front end, and move sites one at a time. If you think you have hit the performance limit of a server then start loading the next. If you have both at the limit and you still have more sites to move, then you need more servers.

    From there, Plan the failover you feel you will need.
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