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    CCTV or Wireless?

    I would like to buy a wired color indoor camera to watch our animal hotel. The building is about 75 feet from the house. I wanted to have a few small TV's around the house so we can keep watch on the animals but it looks like CCTV's are not normal TV's they are really expensive?

    I would just go wirelss but how can you view a wireless camera in multiple rooms without a PC?

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    CCTV is the name of the system, not really the actual TV you have to use. You can get cameras which will hook up to your PC, or just to a normal TV. We have a wireless camera which I can view view a browser. We also used to have a system which just plugged into the back of a TV and could handle up to four cameras at one.

    If you get a wired system any old TV will do (well it will probably have to have composite, s-video or scart input rather than just RF).

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