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    I'm drowning in dedicated hosting offers.. budget hosting for start up.

    I'm trying to find a reliable hosting company.

    I'm not sure which one to use, there are tons of them on this forum I've been searching through in the past few days. I'm just trying to find a dedicated server which doesn't have to be good hardware wise, but has to be on a decent network.

    I realize you get what you pay for, but what is the cheapest 10 unmereted? Also, one which possibly gives discounts for annual payments?(if reliable)

    hardware, at least 512MB ram, 80GB drive, the rest doesn't matter.
    10 unmetered
    Not a service which has every IP blacklisted due to abuse like

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    Your best bet is to browse the offers forum, make a list of the providers you like, and then search the forum for reviews on each of those hosts. If you are just getting started, I wouldnt just go for the cheapest. Your business will only be as good as its weakest link. If you get a cheap server with an offer to good to be true, it most likely is. Finding a reliable provider now will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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    what is your budget?
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    Are you looking for a 10Mbps Unmetered bandwidth server?

    If your on a budget, that 10Mbps would really jack up your price on any "cheap" server. I'd suggest lowering your bandwidth requirement, do some searches, read reviews, watch the dedi forums and read other user input on dedicated hosts and i'm sure you'll come across something.

    Also - Try going for 1,000GB of bandwidth monthly if your starting out, IF you truely use that much bandwidth then go for a bandwidth upgrade. It's very unusual to use that much bandwidth unless...
    A) Your a popular host
    B) Providing Spam Service
    c) Allow Steaming Audio/Video
    d) Game servers or teamspeak/vent servers

    Even then, to require 10Mbps is quite a lot for a small-scale starting out host.

    Just my thoughts on your case, best of luck on your search.
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    There seems to be some $99 servers with 10mbit unmetered in the offers forum, maybe that would be good for you.

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