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    Fair price for services provided?

    I work for a small store that sells high end av equipment, and since starting here, I've become the resident "tech-guy". A large portion of this is based on building and maintaining our public website at While I realize that this is hardly a fantastic web presence, it does take a considderable amount of my time. Recently, I've asked not to work on the project while on the sales floor (i use my laptop), and that I may leave the floor a "few hours" a week to work on it. The problem with this is that we're a commission based store, and this cuts down on my potential to make sales. The situation has come down that I'm to do updates from home, on my own time, as I see fit. Because the owners are computer illiterate, they have no idea how much time is involved with such a large project, and won't let me sign for hours at the house... so the question: What seems a fair price/rate to charge them for updates. I estimate It will take an average of 5 or more hours per week to keep it current. Also, any comments on the site are welcome, however I am aware that this is not the appropriate forum for reviews. Thank you for your time.

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    What do the updates consist of? Is it mainly promotions and prices, or is there a design/programming element involved as well?

    I work on our companies website, both in and out of the office. I designed and programmed the website for a flat fee, and agreed with them that I would maintain it whilst I worked for them. In the office, I am just paid my normal salary, but for out of office work, I am paid £15 per hour (around $30/hour). That mainly includes me updating content and small design issues which may arise.

    By the way, I'm loving the design, very eye catching! You might just want to update your copyright notice to 2007 though!

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    I like the website, it looks very nice, you are obviously fairly experienced with the site creation so should get a decent rate. It's hard to say exactly what you should charge, due to differences in businesses around the world and their costs. But another example to add to the above is from us. We charge £28.20/hour (inc VAT) which works out at about $55/hour.

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    You are doing a good job. So i think 55/hour is reasonable.

    I usally charge around 30/hour and make the rest off hosting there sites.

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