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    NameCheap & PayPal

    I already sent off a email to NameCheap support about this, but I wonder if anyone else has the same problem I am experiencing or (even better) a solution for it.

    The problem I'm having is that when I try to add funds to my NameCheap account using PayPal, I get an error message. Here are the steps I follow:

    1) I login to NameCheap and select to add funds with PayPal
    2) I enter an amount (any, I tried different ones) and get fowarded to
    3) I login into PayPal
    4) I click "Pay"
    5) I get the same page again asking me to login, so I do this (again)
    6) I click "Pay"
    7) I get a PayPal error message stating there is something wrong with the seller's (NameCheap) email address and that I should contact the seller to have them fix it.
    8) Not unsurprisingly no funds get added to my account (nor deducted from my PayPal account)

    Now the login thing made me think it was some kind of cookie issue, but I tried 3 different browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera) on 3 different PCs (5 different attempts in total) and they all give exactly the same error message at the end.

    The reason I want to use PayPal is because I'm from Europe, and if I use my creditcard Euros have to be converted into USD, which isn't very efficient with the current exchange rate. Because I get paid in USD through PayPal for advertising on one of my sites, I do have like "plenty" of USD currency on my PayPal account, where no conversion is necessary, so I really like to use that instead.

    Anyway... is anyone also experiencing this? Or has anyone experienced this in the past? I suppose this problem could be just temporary (as I had no problem adding funds from PayPal just a few weeks ago), but it has been going on for me for at least 6+ hours now.

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    I wrote to nc support as well regarding this issue and they advised it was related directly to Paypal and Paypal was aware of it. I did contact paypal directly as I thought it was my paypal account and they advised they were aware of the issue since it was affecting other merchants and are working on it. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the replies. When I log into NameCheap now I get a message about the PayPal difficulties:
    Intermittent Paypal Issues
    Currently we have been advised by Paypal regarding an issue with their system reporting an invalid email address. They have advised they are working on a resolution and should resolve as soon as possible. This is only affecting some transactions but not all and is intermittent. We will update as soon as Paypal advises they have rectified the problem. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter. Sincerely, Namecheap Support Team
    So I guess I just have to wait until they fix this...

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