Mainstream Affiliate forum looking for paid posters.

Budget: $
Payment Method: PayPal

Looking for quality posters for affiliateforum.
Discussion On:
- Affiliate Marketing
- Advertising Channels
- Web Development

For every good thread you start I'll pay you: $1.00.
For every good reply you make I'll pay you: $0.50.

Payments can be requested when you want as long as it is a minimum of $25.00.

If you are interested please email me: niels999 [at] gmail [dot] com

Please include in your email:
- Your forum username on affiliateforum
- Profiles from other webmaster site's where you are (links)
- What you do online (domains / ppc / website's) and some examples
- Your Paypal username
- Your full name / country

You can start posting directly after you have emailed me.

A few rules:
- You may NOT tell anyone that you are being paid to post in the forum
- Only may only have 1 account.
- Your posts must be written 100% by you (no copying from anywhere or anyone)
- You may not flame, bait or use profanity in your posts

In case any mods / admins don't want the forum link in here please remove it. People can mail me for the link then.