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Thread: NKOM - New Site

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    NKOM - New Site

    Hello guys,

    Please give us your ideas and feel free to trash as much as you like

    Jon Black

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    The jpeg compression hasn't done any justice to the buttons on the left side of your page. (about us, our solutions etc.) Also the green text doesn't contrast enough off the white (or some other anomaly) so its a bit hard to read the links up the top right and the bottom.

    I'm not sure what other people think about this, but i recommend making the drop down menus under the navigation on the left to stay open when you go to one of the items on them. ie. when you click on ABOUT US and it drops down and then you click Overview. When the overview page opens i think it would be better to have the ABOUT US menu open already.

    Overall though, i like it. Pretty clean, easy to navigation and easy on the eyes. (apart from what was already mentioned) A greater improvement to your old site!

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    I like it very much. Only I am not sure about left menu. Everything else is very nice.

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