SPECIAL OFFER! - cPanel or Plesk VPS | 256MB Ram | 15GB HD | 200GB Transfer

cPanel 256 VPS

Equal Share CPU
256 MB Ram with Burst to 1024 MB
15 GB Space
200 GB Transfer
Unlimited Domains
2 IP Addresses
Overselling Allowed
Root Access

Your Choice of cPanel or Plesk!

$39.95 per month

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Why Choose SurfSpeedy?

* Live Support 24/7/365
* Tier 1 Data Center
* Tier 1 Network with 10Gbps Direct Connectivity to: Level 3, Savvis, Sprint, Time Warner, Broadwing
* 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or any of our sales engineers.

Many have asked about the specifications of the host vps server.
Here are the specs:

Dual Opteron 275 (Quad Core Cpu - Thats 4 cpu's!)
16GB Ram
Raid 10 Drive Array for high i/o performance
Hot Swap Hard Drives for zero downtime drive swaps
Hot Swap Power Supplies


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