Rails is a full-stack framework for developing database-back end web applications according to the model-view-control pattern.

Everyone from startups to non-profits to enterprise organizations are using the powerful object oriented RoR programming environment. Our Ruby on Rails environment, is geared to be easy yet fully functional.

The common rails problem is that rails runs slowly on fastcgi hosts, and is complex and hard to manage. We have fixed this by offering the prefered method for serving rails applications using mongrel. Mongrel isnt without its limitations, it requires the end user to be able to access the httpd.conf file (a HUGE security hole for shared hosting providers). We have solved this issue by developing a custom rails CPanel plugin to automate the task of creating the base framework and activating Rails applications.

A CPanel Rails Plug-in ?

It allows our customers to take full control of their portion of the mongrel cluster. The new Rails plug-in FULLY Automates most rails tasks. This will speed deployment time considerably and allow you to focus on you do best, designing sites! The new cPanel rails plug-in has the following exclusive value added features:

Install & Start the Base Framework (directly in cPanel)

Install & Start the Radiant GEM CMS framework (directly in cPanel)

Install & Start Custom Rails application (directly in cPanel)

Start and Stop your Rails Applications (directly in cPanel)

Restart your Rails Applications (directly in cPanel)

Remove your Rails Application (directly in cPanel)

Initiate a GEM installation Request (directly in cPanel)