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    Please my apology if I'm a little off but somebody should scream over such behavior.

    NO---humane? offered FREE services years ago. They went pay-pay as most places did.

    The one exception was those that were on their email services WILL REMAIN FREE AS PROMISED. Also the WEB HOSTING. (limited but grandfathered)

    (the webhosting was a mere something like 1mb)

    With no warning..NONE....they froze all email accounts. 5-6 years of personal email frozen.

    // email can contain very important information//

    One can get their email by submition of something like $100 via paypal. Also what they have on the webhosting 'grandfathered' service.

    o--yes..the tos allows this extortion?

    Not 1 day of warning..not one hour of warning.....

    I try to think this place accepts positive and negative reviews.

    Boomspeed is a pay host so appropriate for this forum.(?) --just beware--


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    Woah thanks for that. I won't be using boomspeed. That is definately not the way to treat customers. - Hosting Chart for Top Shared Hosting Providers
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    This is the kind of service you would get from a free provider.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Good luck with your next provider.
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    It is not a free host but WAS back in days when 'free' was alive...many years ago....

    In an unusual move they 'grandfathered' 'free people' but I don't think that was a big issue because 'free' was only something like 1mb.

    The big deal in my thoughts was the email portion of accounts. Grandfathered free.

    Now..even AOL is giving big free email now...

    This was simple old fashioned email (25mb?)

    I used the email for years. I don't mean big bandwidth usage but just for some important things. It would not be termed 'free email address' so.....

    Nobody would expect they would go to their email one day in January 2007 and with no prior warning the box is locked. You can get your email by submitting Paypal payment. NO WARNING. I log in about every day so....

    Email often contains personal information. Maybe important things.

    I've been around long enough to go through 10 trillion web hosts vanish free and paid but yet to encounter this type of operation. PAY---you can get your email--(with no prior contract except 'free grandfathered for life')

    Boomspeed I think now caters towards image hosting for auctions,etc. but I think you get 250mb for a regular website if desired. Email with it.

    So pay your dues and if a place thinks and operates like this what's next? By TOS they can write anything but maybe some day they will book these places for extortion.

    So I vented. It's true so I'm not just flaming a place.

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