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    Unhappy Need Help Plz!! Im Lost...

    Hi everyone...

    This my 1st message so... H-E-L-L-O!! and sorry 4 my english (im spanish)... O.K, so lets go....

    I changed my site from Aruba to Dreamhost (Shared hostings) but ive a lot of users and hits... so ppl told me about get an VPS plan... What i need is this:

    - At least, 1-2 Gb of disk space

    - My data transfer now is 25 Gb Monthly (Dont have too many downloads, only pageviews).... so I think that 100Gb could be good

    - Ive +- 500,000 hits monthly and between 70-100 users simultaneous = I think 256 Mb RAM could be ok, no? (I use mysql.... and phpnuke...)..... And at least 2Mbps??

    I found but ive read some reviews and... I think isnt the better solution....

    Also, Im looking for set up an Online-Radio... but I dont know some things.... If they give me root access I can install the software and all that... but if I want that 50 users can hear me live..... Do I need more RAM, Bandwith or Mbps??

    I am very lost... If someone can help me Id be very thankful...... Nice to meet you and Thx for your time!!!

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    25GB per month? Are you sure you really need a VPS??

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    How much BW are you expecting to use over the next few months?
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    In Dreamhost they told me that ive too many queries on my db and their servers cant support it and i should look for a dedicate server... but i found VPS..

    I expect to have between 50 and 100 GB... but Im not counting the radio... should I do it?

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    Looks like quite a lot of server resources are required for this, I agree with dreamhost; you need a low end dedicated server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff - Exceed
    Looks like quite a lot of server resources are required for this, I agree with dreamhost; you need a low end dedicated server.
    Could you tell me more about a "low wend dedicated server" ... whats? Sorry about the inconvenience

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    I think you should get at least 512MB ram, but if it were me I'd get 1GB.

    oh, and if you were gonna stream shoutcast to 50 users @ 96k (less than cd quality)

    You would need at least 8mbit of bandwidth, 5mbit for shoutcast and the other 3mbit for your site.
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