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    I'm looking for a very specific type of reseller

    Ive been browsing through this great forum and despite spending a good number of hours I still havent quite found what I'm looking for:

    • 120 bandwidth
    • 20 GB space
    • 70 US$ monthly budget
    • C Panel
    • I'm looking for a medium-small size company with excellent and dedicated technical support. I'm not experienced or savvy enough in these matters so I need people with patience who are willing to help me in any technical problem
    • I dont have time or experience to manage a dedicated server so I need a normal reseller account.
    • Excellent uptime record. This has been my biggest problem in the past, choosing hostings that had my site too many hours offline
    • My site is a fairly popular one with 5.000 unique visitors per day.
    Any names come to mind that fulfill all these requirements?

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    I have had good experiences with downtownhost
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    I wouldn't recommend you stay on a shared environment if you have a busy site. You certainly wouldn't want to move as your site grows. With those specs and your budget, you can easily afford a fully managed VPS.. That would be my recommendation.
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    5000 Unique indeed is a normal number for a shared enviroment, we host MANY sites with x5 or x10 times that number of uniques without any problem.
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    I recommend looking for a medium SPEC VPS.
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    With your budget you sould have no problem finding a fully managed VPS..

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarmWebHost

    With your budget you sould have no problem finding a fully managed VPS..

    Good Luck

    Agreed, this is probably the best option for you.
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    I would also recommend getting a fully managed VPS.
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    I am with Jedito - there is no problem hosting this in a shared environment - just needs to be the right one..

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    Thanks for all the answers

    but regarding this VPS thing and before I go to ask in their section, Id like to make sure VPS is what I really need:

    Does fully managed VPS demand any kind of previous server experience or knowledge, and time? Because I dont have any time to be monitoring and making adjustments to the server, even if they are small and easy to do. I just dont have the time, and im pretty green about server management so I wouldnt know from where to start. What Im trying to ask is if fully managed means exactly the same work for the user than a normal reseller plan.

    Second, Im a bit worried about the system demands some VPS's have. I dont know how much RAM my pages use so I can't tell if Im going to infringe any of their rules for excessive system usage.

    Third, what are the VPS advantages over normal hosting?

    thanks in advance for any help

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    Monte, it sounds as though you really enjoy the benifits of a shared hosting enviroment, where things "run themselves" and technical knowledge of linux is not required in the least. Your site is decently busy, but I don't think you are at a point where shared hosting is not an option. We operate many similar sites, stats wise and see no issues. Your budget is actually quite substantial for your requirements in my eyes, although we usually price on space and find that bandwidth is pretty cheap. You should have no issues finding a shared hosting provider willing to take you on as a client. I am not intricately familiar with VPS myself but see no reason for you to switch.
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    Hi! VPS is absolutely different from Reseller hosting, VPS gives you more freedom, but you'll have to do all the installation yourself, you need server management knowledge, and though you may apply to your host to solve your server issues, but you'll have to pay for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billardent
    though you may apply to your host to solve your server issues, but you'll have to pay for that.
    if it's a fully managed vps, you dont have to pay.

    However, I am aiming to reseller account. With a good server, you will have more power than a small vps. A big VPS can cost more than a reseller account
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    If you are not quite good at server nanagment I think that reseller package is the best decision. I think that you will be able to find good hosting company with your budget.

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    Thanks again for all the answers, but Im afraid Im exactly at the starting point.

    Based on my first post, can you think of any names that fulfills all the conditions?

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    monte, your requirements are pretty specific, find some hosts who offer custom packages and email thier sales team. I am sure you won't find your exact package on a website, and using a "custom package creator" script would probly push the price way up. Just email them, tell them what you need, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.
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    I suggest you to do a short list of the potential host that does fit your needs (basically a host not overloading their server with a proved good record at least, in this forum)
    Then contact to all those hosts in that list, asking specific questions about their services and if they may have a problem hosting your site.

    After all that, you probably will choose one of them, or a couple, keep researching at the end of the day, is your choice only.
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    thanks again guys

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    yes, i just finish visiting few others posting here. and found out hostgator is very recommended. and supprisingly it meet ur requirements at above.

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    Have you looked at ? They've got great support.

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