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    * [Ask] Running 2-3 Os simultaneous?

    Hello WHT...

    I am just wondering what is the best solution to run 2 - 3 OS let say Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Linux in one PC together. Therefore all 3 os is running together in one pc. It does not matter which OS is installed first or run first.

    One of the solution is to use VMWare, which I can just install windows xp first or linux then run 2 other OS inside the vmware.

    Is there any better solution or suggestion for this?

    I was looking at and it was good, but not sure what he use in his computer.

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    I personally use VMWare, and it does a good job. Although I'm like you, if there are other programs to do this, I wanna know.


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    i second the vmware option.
    it is really easy to setup and use once you get the hang of it

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    I use vmware when I need to work on other OS's . It's fast and efficient. Plus it's newbie friendly. If you can download a file and open it you can use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dan
    I was looking at and it was good, but not sure what he use in his computer.

    He is most likely using parallels / vm ware and MS powertools. Powertools is a free download from MS that has the switcher as a tool... although, it looked like it might be a feature of the thinkpad... the way he leaned it over, but then could have had a mouse to click off-screen. lol.

    I use MS virtual pc... it is free. Although, I'm thinking of moving to something else, since VPC does not support usb connections.
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    A cleaner way of doing this is to have multi boot options..but they cannot run together...just one at a time...and you would select from a menu. I may go into the gory details of setting this up if enough are interested.

    I have no experience with vmware...other than just using a client.

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    I use Virtual PC, Virtual Server and VMware. VMware seems to be the winner.
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    If you want to boot Vista, Virtual PC 07 (Beta) seems to support it better.
    However, some linux distributons dont work too well on it.
    I ended up using VPC07b and VMW Server (now free)
    Best of both worlds.
    BTW, VPC04 reserves all the memory beforehand...
    Prevents you from funning more than your RAM.
    VPC07 & VMW Server both allow you to set a maximum amount of RAM, but monly reserve as much as needed. Unsurprisingly, VMWare adopted this approach long before Microsoft.

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