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    Need help decided 2 option DS

    I am interested with offer from DOUBLE MY RAM and offer.

    Below is details what I found it. DOUBLE MY RAM --> offer will end January 14,2007
    120GB SATA
    Cpanel with Fantastico
    1500GB Bandwidth
    Offsite Backups:10GB
    Pro-active Monitoring: 3 Services
    Fully Managed
    $139.90 + Setup: FREE offer --> Offer ended "soon"
    Intel P4 3.6 Ghz
    1 GB RAM
    160 GB Drive
    2000 GB BW
    100Mbit/s port
    CPANEL INCLUDED with Fantastico
    Easy Management
    Free Setup + $119 /month

    Reason buy new server is because my current server (VPS) is not enough to handle more resource from my site due high http activity and http processes and I have more downtime at my server now.So I decided to move into new server (dedicated) to solve this problem.

    My budget is very limited (arround $140/month),and I dont have to much experience handle dedicated server,so please help to choose server above based hardware performance,because my problem is with http activity and http processes.

    Due ended limited time offer I hope can have advise soon.

    Any comment will be appreciated.Thanks

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    I would have gone with the first offer, since that is killing combination for the price. You must have heard about the barton processor from AMD and this is a great performer to start with, highest compatibility on hardware and best when compared with Pentium.

    And you have the control panel software to add to it. So go for it

    It is reliability that counts...
    Few tips

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    This is just my personal experience but I too was trying to decide between Servstra and Server4sale.

    I chose Servstra... but had so much trouble setting up with them I terminated my server in a week. My server was down for 48 hours straight at one point.. I can't imagine something like that happening once my sites are actually live.
    I'm now looking into Server4sale again so we'll see how that goes, it was a costly decision since my first month's payment to Servstra is lost.

    If you choose to go with Servstra I hope you have a better experience than I did.
    I plan to post a Servstra vs. Server4sale review soon based on how my situation progresses.

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