Sites that are getting too big for normally too big for shared servers usually have to move on to bigger boxes that can accommodate their needs. Some webmasters might be ready to take on enlarged responsibilities for securing, maintaining and optimizing your servers, in addition to paying for your monthly maintenance costs but some just want the simple life.

Flaunt understands the need to keep your hosting experience simple and hassle-free by providing you with our special Premium shared accounts with semi-dedicated privileges.

For MySQL Intensive Sites

This account is ideal for heavily mysql-driven sites that use more CPU resources than normal.

20 000 MB of your own 15K Mirrored SCSI disk space
1 000 GB of Tier 1 Bandwidth Allowance per month
Latest cPanel + Fantastico de Luxe
Daily Off-Site Backups
Free Migration from Your Old Host
$200 monthly
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