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    Looking for a Euro/UK DC

    We are looking for a UK or Euro based DC to provide us a 1/2 rack with 150-200Mbps commit on a 1gigE uplink. Unmanaged dedicated servers of a reasonable spec (dual opterons, 4gig, hardware RAID1) and most importantly for any Euro based DC's to be able to handle operations (support) in english.

    Does anyone have an recommendations or reviews on DC's that meet this criteria?

    For any companies please contact me via PM, however please do not contact us after 20th Jan 2007.


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    We currently run inside TheBunker, a Ex MOD Base. Located in Kent

    We use them and their support is fantastic, place a ticket, they call you to verify the support ticket. Within 20mins get a call back saying all the work is done.

    I would deffinatly recommend them,

    If you call them ask for Simon Neal. Hes the one we got our stuff through, very professional.

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