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    Looking For VPS Plan

    okay im looking for a plan that offers a very good cpu because i would like to run a counter strike game server on it with :

    5GB Disk Space
    250-500 GB Disk Transfer
    512-768MB Guaranteed RAM burst ram included
    1 IP Address

    for maybe $25-30 a month

    i would like the location of the server to be in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York or New Jersey

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    Welcome to WHT.

    I don't think you are going to find guaranteed ram of 512MB for $30/month. I would suggest increasing your price range a bit and/or going with lower guaranteed ram and the burst ram at a higher amount.
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    Yeah, you'll be hard pressed to find a reliable provider that will give you guaranteed ram of 512mb. You can get 256mb guaranteed in your price range. Check around on the Offers forum.

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    check offers from serveraxis, slicehost and tektonic.

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    $30-35 then mayb lol im mostly interested int he ram and bandwidth the space dont have to be much at all im looking for someone to give me a custom plan

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    I'd stay away from using a VPS for a game server... I'm sure one of our game server experts will come along and explain to you why... Go for a dedicated server!

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    i cant wait to here why from a game server expert '_' also got some other questions to ask a game server expert

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    I totally agree, you shouldn't host a gameserver on a VPS, it simply won't work out. Get a low end dedi instead. We've been testing intel core 2 duo's quite a bit and for gameservers they are absolutely great.

    The reason gameservers don't do well on VPS's is that gameservers mainly require a lot of CPU (e.g. all the CPU that a server offers).

    If you're going to want your own private environment for a gameserver, you'll be looking at more than $30/mo, unless if you can find some bargain dedicated server deal somewhere at that price. If you are looking for just 1 gameserver (daemon) then why not just get one from a gameserver provider? They'll use the right equipment and even though you share the same physical machine with a few others, it'll work the way you want to and you should be able to get one under $30/mo.

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    I definetely do not think you will find a 512MB RAM VPS for only $30/month. Please understand that usually to add 512MB RAM to a server costs around US$20/month. Also, to run a gameserver, you will have to check on the CPU. A css server is recommended to use at least 500mhz of CPU. Try to expand your budget and look for VPS providers at the advertising forum, there you will be able to find many.


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