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    Hi, I contacted [email protected] at

    Where can I find more info about Anyone has ever used that? I check in internet and don't see any complaint.

    The easy package is only $199. I asked Magie and this is what she said:

    The Easy package covers the state filing only. The Essential package includes Federal Tax ID no. and corporate kit. Unfortunately, I do not provide banking services.

    What is Federal Tax ID? Is it important to create a US Bank account? If we have an LLC, can we open a bank account in a US bank without coming to US?

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    This was posted in the wrong section.

    But anyway, I have never heard of them. That's not to say they aren't any good. I will tell you that The Company Corporation offers something similar.

    As for Federal Tax ID/EIN, this is necessary if you plan to conduct business in a professional manner, in my opinion. You will definitely need this to open a bank account - alternatively, you could use your personal Social Security Number.

    As for your last question, it's been done before, but it's very, very hard to do.
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    Yeh, I would very highly suggest the Company Corporation, as they were very good to us.



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    Where and how you incorporate is *very* important if you are running any business. This is not just so you can be "legitimate", but you will have to pay taxes if you plan to derive an income from the business.

    The type of business entity you select is also VERY important. There are sole proprietorships, partnerships, C-Corps, S-Corps, LLC's, LLP's, and others. Each type of entity has it own pros and cons- both from a legal and tax point of view. I would discuss the formation of such with an attorney and CPA to determine the best type for your exact circumstances. WHERE you incorporate and conduct your business also plays a factor in your decision. Trust me, the few dollars you will pay for advise from a good business lawyer/CPA will safe you a lot of time and hassle later on.

    Whatever you do, you need to separate yourself from your business and file the necessary paperwork, regardless if will do this for you, or not.

    Good luck.

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    I recently...

    I recently incorporated a deleware corporation and spent some time researching the process.

    The incorporation itself it relatively simple, you can find a step by step guide on DE state corp website ( Base filing fee is only $89, but it may rise if you need certified copies of the certificate of incorporation ($30 each, useful for opening bank accounts or filing to do business as a foreign corp in your home state) or 24 hour priority service ($50, otherwise non-priority has a backlog of 6 weeks according to telephone csr!).

    One thing you probably can't do yourself is the required Registered Agent for all DE corps. I looked up several companies that provide this service (google 'delaware registered agent') and the cheapest I could find was $50 per year. I sent emails to both (which I got no response) and (margie responded almost immediately even on xmas/newyears holiday).

    Federal Tax ID you can get online or over the phone very easily from the irs, so it's not really worth paying someone to do.

    I would say overall it is a worthwhile learning experience to incorporate yourself. However busy people who don't like digging through government websites and filling out forms should try one of the easy incorporation products. Don't pay more than 200-300 though, or else you are probably getting ripped off. All those extras like corporate kits/seals/stockcertificates are just filler junk which you don't really need.

    I highly recommend [email protected], she (he?) was very helpful and responsive to me.

    Good luck!

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    Hi there,
    like June 30th i signedup to register my LLC. After that i saw a status update that the document is submitted to the state. Since then there is no update at all. I have called their contact number like 20 times, left a voice message and also emailed them like 5 or 6 time in last two weeks and i have not heard from any one. Seems like all my message are going into a black hole.

    By any chance do you guys know contact number or email id at "The Incorporating Company LLC" who is in charge and will respond?

    If you guys can help me out, i will appreciate a lot.


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