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    Question Multiple Reseller Provider using only one domain

    Hi all,

    I am a reseller of AAA and provide hosting to my customer using subdomain of my domain, like
    And now, I would like to be a reseller of BBB to handle more customer with same domain, Can I do this?


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    You have and nameservers for your first reseller account.

    Then create and and set them to point to IPs of second reseller account's nameservers. (You must ask second hosting company to set your name servers as ns3 and ns4)

    Now if you create a hosting account on your first reseller account you need to use ns1 and ns2 for that domain.

    If you create an account on your second reseller account you need to use ns3 and ns4 for tis one.

    In this way you can have several hosting accounts on a single domain.


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    Thanks Mac,

    I tried that before posting this forum, but it seems that name resolving didn't work properly.

    When I tried it, I set name servers for my domain both of first and second reseller provider's server. The first servers hold my domain's information via Plesk Control Panel, so this is corresponding from ns1 and ns2 in your suggestion, isn't it?
    And I created the test account on my second reseller account,
    but the test account which set as didn't offen resolved properly. The second reseller provider's name server has the information of These are ns3, ns4. Of couse I set ns1 to ns4 on my domain via registrar.

    I can understand your suggestion well when my customer uses his own domain name. But what I would like to is handling two reseller account with only one my domain.

    Well, what was wrong or not enough for setting up?
    Or any suggestions?

    Best Regards,


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    Wmac, Sarauma was talking about subdomains, in that case you wouldn't need nameservers.

    Say is on AAA's servers, and you want on BBB's servers, that would require you to modify your dns templates a bit for EVERY subdomain on BBB's servers.
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    Thanks Brin_AcuNett,
    sorry for my lately reply.

    First and Second reseller account which I use, are both using Plesk Control Panel.
    Could you tell me more particular procedure?

    Well, to do what I would like to, the all subdomains created on BBB also create only DNS recored on AAA, not resold account. This method seems that I can do, but not smart. Anybody other suggestions?



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