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    Digital Logger's Remote Reboot Console For Sale

    I have one of the Digital Logger's remote ethernet controller switches (reboot console) that is brand new and never got put in service. We were going to use it in the datacenter but had to change directions on our setup. These are VERY nice units, I was very impressed with the quality and design. It will control 8 servers or other devices via 16 outlets (2 outlets per device) and has a good web interface. We just want to recover some of our money. These go for about $300
    I am asking $230.00 with free ground shipping to anywhere in the US (lower 48 states)
    Payments accepted via PayPal only. Unit can be shipped immediately.

    More info on the controller can be found at

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    This hardware have to be installed in the datacenter near the servers sure? I'm looking for a remote reboot but I don't own my servers, so I'm looking for an alternative system. honest european provider

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    Yes, this has to be installed in the rack with your servers.

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    Maybe your provider/datacenter would charge a small fee to rack this next to your servers? It would need an internet connection, but obviously would not use much bandwidth. Of course, your servers (or at least 8 of them) would have to be close by this unit.

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    I'm with layeredtech and they tell me that it's not possible with rented servers to do this honest european provider

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    Quote Originally Posted by pueblosnet
    I'm with layeredtech and they tell me that it's not possible with rented servers to do this
    Correct, this is for people who own there own servers in a datacenter, such as people that colocate etc etc. LT I think offer remote reboot at an extra charge.
    Please PM me if you need any updates or help.

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    No, they didn't and also don't want to host this hardware, I think I'm going to move to another provider soon. honest european provider

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    Hey! now each and every IDC offer this. And at least they should allow you to put it at an additional cost.
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    LT no this could be a cause for move to another DC. honest european provider

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