Hi people,

I know that you already gave some name for my question, but I am looking for a system to accept credit card, but I have some special needs.

In case someone can help me to find the very good solution that could help, we can imagine to give a little reward, or a book/DVD from Amazon.

We need :

- API based
- Gateway available in french / english / italian
- Accept EUROS currency
- Able to push if the payment has been accepted
- No account needed for the CUSTOMER (such as paypal create them)
- Low fees (no monthly prefered)
- Trustable
- Based in EU (or USA)
- Good documentations
- Good and friendly support

Well, in case some can give me some tips, we would study each of them.

Please do not propose : Klik&Pay, Worldpay, 2CO, Paypal, Chronopay.