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    * LOL

    I know this is not funny at all... I should cry, not to laugh from the situation I faced with OnlineNIC today.

    Yesterday, their site was too too slow, but I needed to register 2 new name servers (nx1,, after refreshing the page many times, and submitting the form many times, I got a success message, so I though the Name Servers was registered and signed out.

    Today, I found that they were not, the registry didn't receive them, so I contacted the support, and I was SHOCKED from their level

    first, I told him that I registered the name server which was:
    and they are not working....
    The answer I got was:
    yes, this won't work, because it should be ns1 and not nx1

    OnlineNic's technical support doesn't know that I can register any name server I want.. not just the ns1 and ns2.. can you imagine this!

    after I convinced him that I can do so and register nx*.*.com, he said plz contact your domain name company, and he gave me MY NAME, MY EMAIL and MY PHONE, although I opened the chat session from inside my control panel, and my name and email is shown to him.... was he thinking that I should call me self

    then he told me to wait up to 72 hours since I have to wait for the registry to update, and then... I signed out from th chat session... and I am now thinking what should I do in order to have my problem solved.

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    try to contact hugo from onlinenic, he has a YM ID on onlinenic site.
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    Onlinenic live support is really weak.
    Email them and they'll response maximum till 24 hours later (yes, it's slow, but better than nothing)
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    I have always had a good experience with their support. These days the site is very slow and domains don't always go through but i am sure they will sort it out.
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    Contact them by email. They usually response very fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by waikit86
    Contact them by email. They usually response very fast
    sorry, I misunderstood your problem.

    try to email Hugo or Tim. They help me a lot while the internet connection to Asia is slow like hell

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    They're hosted in Asia, so I think they're affected by the Earthquake that affected a lot of their internet providers
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    I have contact them for the same Issue time out connection but i think that they face really problem

    "The connection problem was due to unexpected major backbone failure, which was because of the Taiwan earthquake on Dec 26. The communication company is working on this issue now. The problem would be fixed within one week"

    that was their reply to me!
    so we have to understand their case!

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