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    Professional PHP coder needed.


    I'm looking for a professional php coder who knows what to do. Currently I'm planning on launching a site in Feb, and It has yet to be started.

    * High skill in php, mySQL and html.
    * Able to write scripts, and php addons.
    * Quickness is key.
    * Reliable coding, security, and most of all, easy to work with.

    Please send us your resume and projects you've worked on.

    Name Surname: Your name and surname
    Telephone # : Mobile is better. (inc. country code)
    Price range: Offer your best here.

    Please send us all details to
    Email : [email protected]
    Do NOT pm here or do NOT post here.

    Aim - xxexiled
    Yim - torrey.lejeune

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    Job filled thanks!

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    Now im looking for someone who can slice and code HTML layouts. I have the design, I just need them sliced/coded.

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