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    Super Weird Connection Issue

    Okay I have a VPS and I host 3 sites on it.

    2 sites load perfectly fast, and 1 site loads.. 7 seconds slower.. ( estimate time ). When I asked some other ppl to load the site, 95% said it loads fast and 5% said it loads slow.

    And no it's not the isp, the one person who has the same isp as me said it loaded fast no problem.

    This is really strange.. anyone have a possible resolution?

    Server CPU is at 0.10, and running smoothly.

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    what do you use on the second site ?? it may not be the server ... if you use a CMS what is it ??

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    Could it be a DNS delay? Are all using the same DNS configuration?

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    Why dont you try getting a traceroute results from all of your clients to the respective sites and that should shed light.

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    It can be caused by site itself,some CMS script can caused loaded slow at some server.

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