I'm sorry to sound annoyed, but usually Namecheap is awesome. Lately, their support has been real flaky.

I have a .co.uk domain that I moved to their parked servers, and put in a URL redirect to another website. According to my control panel, this is done. It has been for two weeks now.

However, the DNS still hasn't updated. I've been dealing with "JerryG", and I've explained this problem in detail. Each time I ask for a status, he starts all over as if it's a new problem saying if they don't host it, it's not their problem.

This, despite the fact he told me last week they were having DNS issues. I was merely asking for an update. It should not take two weeks for a .co.uk DNS update.

Is this what Namecheap support is coming to? It seems to me JerryG is phoning it in lately..he's normally on top of his game...or is there something else going on at Namecheap?