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    Hello, I have joined this Forum in hopes of finding a good eMail solution

    Hello, I have joined this Forum this morning in hopes of finding a good eMail solution. I am Just an eBay guy, without the Hundreds or Thousands of URL's that come of you appear to have, I have only one, and I have it only to host my eMail, I put it with eNom as they were expensive and I somehow hoped expensive=good.

    I get my leads from eBay and make sales by direct customer service, as such good eMail delivery and receipt are important to me. I am most happy to pay a reasonable amount of money for a good and reasonable eMail service.

    ENom has been a disaster for me, there goals are clearly in a different direction then the supplemental email they offer, there eMail servers have been down more times then I care to remember the rest of the time they are simply unreliable, many of my customers have given up on me as simply unreachable. For the past several days the servers have been down and eNom's customer service reps have been unable to get to work due to 2" of snow on the ground, they have changed there telephone answering machine to discourage would be customer service seekers.

    It's only eMail, I send about 15 to 30 eMails per day, usually with photo attachments, I have about 10 eMail addresses. What company can provide this service? Can somebody please recommend something, someone or some company?

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    welcome Ross.

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    Must be U like my eMail address, even if I cannot make it work, What is DOHC?

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