Hi all,
i have the following Unique Friend Adder Webscript for sale.
Demo: www.friendboot.com
This script has som unique featueres that no other web based myspace
friend adder script offers!
Free For all Users:
- Add thousends of myspace friends
- get 1 point for every friend your are add
- get 10 points for referal a new Friend
- Automatically collect Myspace ID's
- Post bulletins
- Automatic paypal payment
- grab ID's via cronjob (you will have about 500k new friends in you DB
every month)
- put google adwords Adwords Header/Center/Footer
-and more
Featuered Users.
Collect Target Friends by:
- Country
- Age
- Men/Woman
- Interest's/hobbies

Admin Featueres:
Admin Control panel
- Edit Settings
- Set Featuered Prices (payment via paypal)
- Show error log
- Edit CSS
- Edit Website text
- Edit Banner Codes
- Edit Myspace Bulletin
Admin screenshot here:
Selling Price $149 (per domain)
ResellingPrice: $500
Script needs 1 MySQL Database
i can install for $15 (only on Cpanel hosting)

Please PM if you have any question or if you like to test out the advance