My name is Mike Mongo, and I am the author of...

Mike Mongo's Astronaut Instruction Manual for Pre-Teens

...I am working on helping people move off-planet and out into space.

How I wound up here was I googled "textdrive sucks," got a blog entry from turnofthecrank-dot-com, and clicked a hyperlink. Voila!

After days of exhaustive research, the host I am going with is dreamhost - using the "THEFULL97" promo code for a $97 discount. From my own perspective and for my own needs, the only way to go is dedicated servers. But for a smaller client whose trying out some new software of mine using video Flash, I chose dreamhost. I'll learn and report on what I learn here.

And that is me. My email address is immikemongo at gmail-dot-com. Namaste sounds good to me!