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    Fastest Logo to T-shirt method?

    So my startup launches on Monday and we're being covered by our local newspaper. I've an interview tonight and picture on Monday.

    My question: what is the fastest technology/place(franchize?) I can use to get couple of tshirts with my site's logo on it? I would want the best quality obviously as I'll be wearing this to the photoshoot.

    Appreciate any help.

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    No joke... today is Friday, so you do not have a lot of time. Far as I know, walmart or kmart would have the iron on stuff.... it comes out fairly good and would be perfect for one-time use... This assumes you have your logo and name in a print-ready form already.

    edit: a local "mom and pop" shop may be able to sht you out something REALLY fast... I doubt if any franchise shop would be able to pull something off so quick. But I could be wrong.
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