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    Question Solid VPS Solution

    I have been hosting with MidPhase for the last few months on one of their VPS solutions. After hours of down time each month, multiple server reboots to get stuff working, datacenter issues, late or no reponse to support tickets and ongoing email issues ... I think its about time to start looking elsewhere. Does anyone have a suggestiong on a good VPS provider to check out?

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    Most people only have experiences with one or two hosts, so it's difficult to really give a good recommendation based on that. It's probably a good idea to look around on these forums for reviews, you should be able to make a list of hosts that suit your needs. Once you have a list worked out, you could do some more research on which one you find best for your needs

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    7,200 is a very solid VPS provider. Based on the issues that you are currently having, I'm sure that you'll like it at KnownHost. I have a VPS with them and everything has been smooth sailing. Support has been impossibly quick and responsive.

    Give them a try.

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    I recommend PowerVPS, excellent support and a great VPS platform. I would also recommend SteadFast Networks, but they apparently are not accepting new VPS connections until they upgrade their systems (a mark of a good host IMO). The deadline was the 10th of Jan, but the notice is still on their page, so maybe send an email to support.
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    Didn't steadfast's WHOLE network go down two (different) days in a row recently?

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